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4 Easy Email Edits

Whether you're deep into personalization and automation or still operating on a newsletter/flyer strategy, we've got some universal edit recos.

Simple Email Strategy Updates to Drive Conversion


We've talked about it before: building your list is vital to driving growth in your business, whether you're operating in ecomm, wholesale, or B2B. But are you making any of these mistakes when you activate against it?
  • Flowery subject lines: Your main objective in sending an email is to get readers to actually open them. If the key functional benefit of the email’s content is hidden inside a marketing-y subject line, you start to lose the contact before they get there – not to mention the fact that your words get hidden in mobile. In 2017, it was demonstrated over 7 billion emails that subject lines of 20 characters and under had the highest open and unique click rates, yet comprised only 5% of all emails sent.

  • Blah preview text: Let’s say you’ve gotten your contact to actually pause and read your subject line – the next step in the process is to ensure your preview text is relevant and gets them to complete the open. Many email creators either skip this step or treat it as an afterthought to the content of the email – but nobody gets to the email content if the preview text stinks. In an ideal world, you’re using the preview text to extend the details of your (short, single-purpose!) subject line – perhaps bringing through those extra words you secretly wanted in your subject line. 😉

  • Zero personalization: There’s no doubt about it: personalization works, even if it’s ultra-basic. Even something as simple as including the contact’s first name in your subject line has been demonstrated to increase click-through rates by 2.5x. Your dream situation involves deeply understanding your contacts through continued data collection – which enables you to go deeply personalized and relevant - but the basics still work to optimize along the way.

  • Too! Many! Graphics!: While designing your emails to be visually appealing is most certainly important from a brand perspective, relying almost entirely on images to get across what could be said in text-based segments is a notable miss on the part of many founders and marketers. Images create bulk in your emails, and can also require a user to agree to download 'em – adding yet another a barrier to their likelihood to hear what you’re trying to say.

Have you moved into automation, segmentation, and personalization? Or is your email strategy in newsletter-slash-automation mode? Wherever you are, even simple tricks can move you a level up.

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